On the grounds of the United States Army Officer Candidate School, overlooking the battalion parade field, dedicated to past, present and future leaders of OCS that bring honor and fidelity to this organization - memorials line the Memorial walk of honor.

Featured on the walk are monuments placed by OCS graduates and OCS classes. Some have been built on-site; others have been moved to this beautiful location. The Memorial Walk of Honor serves as a place for quiet reflection and for honoring Soldiers for their service. Heroes great and small, line the pages of history.

OCS Graduates and Cadre can be etched in stone on the new OCS Alumni Association Memorial Walk. There are countless occasions to say "thank you" to a Soldier. You can celebrate a graduation, recognize a retirement, memorialize a loved one or honor a warrior.

Class #36-67 Monument
Class #36-67 Monument

On August 31, 2017, our OCS Class #36-67 made a $700.00 donation to have a 24" x 24" granite block monument inbeded on the OCS Memorial Walk of Honor. The names of our 7 classmates who were killed in Vietnam are inscribed on the granite stone. Above is a picture of our monument.


Shown above is a closeup of what is inscribed on our OCS Class 36-67 monument.


At our 2019 OCS Class Reunion in Springfield, Missouri, a $1,970.00 expenditure was authorized and approved by the OCS Classmates in attendance to upgrade our OCS Class Monument on the OCS Walk of Honor to add the names of our 9 Cadre Member and the names of our 168 Class Graduates. The new pavers were paid for, completed and installed in a new location on 11/22/2019 to accommodate our enlarged Class Monument.

Names of the 9 Cadre Members were inscribed on a new 12" x 12" Black Granite Paver #1 in the upper right corner.  Names of our 168 Class Graduates were  inscribed on 13 new Black Granite Pavers #2 thru #14 on both sides of our Class Monument. Selected logos were added to the bottom side of our Class Monument.

Shown below are photos of our enlarged Class Monument: one left side view, one middle view and one right side view. Hopefully many of our Classmates will be able to visit the OCS Walk of Honor at Fort Benning and see it in person. You may enlarge the photos by clicking on them one at a time.

Left Side View Of Enlarged Class Monument
Middle View of Enlarged Class Monument
Right Side View Of Enlarged Class Monument

Unfortunetly, we did not have a classmate representing our class at the monument dedication on March 27, 2018 , but the following letter was read on behalf of our class:

"OCS Class 36-67 began in January 1967 in the middle of the Vietnam conflict. Of the 240 classmates entering the class, there were 23 prior service members several of which had returned recently from Vietnam.
The Class President was SFC Fred Spaulding who was a Vietnam veteran in the Special Forces. Fred retired as a LTC. Several TAC Officers received their orders for Vietnam during the class and those veteran classmates were called in to help prepare them for their pending deployment.
Class 36-67 was proud to be members of the 55th company which had the reputation of producing the 90 day wonders during WW II. This class was the first class not required to spit shine the floors in the barracks and the TAC officers hit them hard.
Of the accomplishments, it is believed that Class 36-67 still holds the shortest time record in the land navigation course, became famous for conducting a complete military cockroach funeral with video, the only known class to have a Playboy Bunny at their senior military ball and had some of the fewest combat casualties in Vietnam (7). There are 6 classmates to date that have been inducted into the OCS Hall of Fame, one of which attained the rank of major general.
We salute our comrades from the others classes represented here today and only regret we could not be with you.  We are all graduates of the “Benning School for Boys” and humbly appreciate this recognition today.
The 153 graduates of OCS Class 36-67. "