At our Business Meeting at our Saturday 10/18/08 Reunion in Laughlin, Nevada, a discussion was held on whether we should establish annual membership dues to help defray expenses not covered by the Reunion Registration Fees.

The annual Reunion Registration fees cover the following items:

1.       Banquet Meal

2.       Hospitality Room Rental (if applicable)

3.       Hospitality Room Snacks

4.       Hospitality Room Soft Drinks

5.       Hospitality Room Beer

6.       Hospitality Room Hard Liquor

7.       Corsages for the Ladies for the Banquet Meal

8.       Individual Name Tags

Examples of the annual expenses that are not covered by the Registration Fees are as follows:

  1. Annual Website Fee
  2. Annual Website Domain Registration Fee
  3. Funeral Sprays for Deceased Classmates
  4. Postage for Mail outs
  5. Labels, Envelopes, cards, Paper for Mail outs, etc.

After much discussion, it was decided that donations would be a better way to cover those annual expenses that are not covered by the Registration Fees. It was agreed that a separate webpage named “Donation Info” would be established which would explain the purpose and status of the Donation Program.

It was also determined the Donation Status Report would only show the dates and amounts of each individual donation, but would not disclose the names of the donor. It was felt that the disclosure of donor names could cause various problems. Confidentiality is considered essential.

That evening at the Reunion Banquet, the cash prizes that had been won and distributed for the afternoon Slot Machine Tournament were all donated back by the all of the winners to fund the Donation Program. I am happy to announce that Donations to date are over $1,000.00

I have established the capability to make donation by credit card by going to the “Buy Tickets” webpage and selecting the “Donation” option. You will receive a receipt by email for your donation. The current status of Donations can be viewed by  clicking on  Donation Status Report. The donations will also be reflected in our quarterly Financial Statements found on our “Financial Reports” webpage.

You may choose one of the following donation amounts by going to the "Buy Tickets" webpage:
    $10 Donation
    $25 Donation
    $50 Donation
   $100 Donation

Here are some options:
If you wish to donate $20, select the $10 Donation and a quantity of 2.
If you wish to donate $30, select the $10 Donation and a quantity of 3.
If you wish to donate $75, select the $25 Donation and a quantity of 3.