Purpose of Presentation

  1. I have had many relatives and friends die before preparing various documents, guidelines, and preferences for their loved ones which created unusual discomfort, confusion, emotional stress and physical strain which could have been avoided.
  2. When people die, there are over 80 some decisions that need to be made by the next of kin. A loved one is not in a state of mind to deal with these issues and that is something we can do. One of the most compassionate  and thoughtful things we can do for loved ones is prepare for our death. 
  3. Examples of a few of my personal situations involving close relatives and friends:
    1. Relatives
      1. Stepfather’s Death
      2. Father-in-law’s Death
      3. Brother-in-law’s Death
      4. Mother’s Death
    2. Friends
      1. David Dickerson’s Death
      2. Died after OCS Class Reunion in Myrtle Beach, SC.
      3. His widow Patti was completely distraught, confused, and unprepared.
      4. She didn’t drive and had no idea of what a DD Form 214 was or where it was located.

Topics to Be Covered

  1. Legal Documents/ Software
  2. Funeral/Burial Services
  3. Burial Policies
  4. VA Benefits
  5. Hospice
  6. Checklists

Life and Death Documents Notebook

  1. Purpose
    1. Contains Essential Documents
    2. Mobile/Easily Removed During Emergencies
  2. Contents (See example)
  3. Checklist (Click HERE to view.)